Ladies Event 20th May @ Nuffield

Ladies Event 20th May @ Nuffield

Hopefully another fun day of squash, and catching up with friends following last year’s successful event.  It will follow the same format as last year.

If you would like to come along but haven’t signed up yet please email Isobel Smith at and let her know. Also if you have any team mates who haven’t responded or know someone who would like to take part, please get them to contact me so that I can put them on the list!

1.30pm     Registration

If you can get to the club for around 1.30pm  you can check in and then be assigned to a court.

2.00pm    Squash !

There are about 20 ladies playing squash (at the moment)  so we will have four courts, with 5 or 6 players on each.   Winner, runner up on each court will go forward in the competition and the remaining players will then be put in different groups to continue playing.   You can stop playing at any time, there is no pressure J   Those of you who haven’t played for a long time can go on a separate court and just have a hit if you want to.

In the first round of matches we’ll  just play one game of ten minutes and whoever is winning when the bell goes will count as a win.   So this should take just over an hour, then the next lot of matches another hour.

4.30pm     Final

I’m hoping that whoever gets to the final match will have enough strength to play best of 3 games.  At this time some you will be arriving just for the social and buffet, so hopefully you will be able to arrive in time to watch the final.

5.45pm     Presentation

Once everyone is showered and ready, I will present the shields for the Winter League winners and then the prizes for the actual day itself.

6.00pm    Buffet

We can then all relax and have something to eat and drink !

These timings are only a guideline, it might take a bit longer or it might not take as long, it all depends if we have anyone turning up on the day and wanting to play etc.

Let’s hope it a fun day for everyone.

Please  let me know if you can’t make it for any reason.


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