County Team Reports/Results 2016/17

Mens 1st Team Region 3 Stage 1 - 5th November 2016


Nom Hertfordshire Nom Oxfordshire Result Games
1-1 Adrian Waller 1-1 Wil John 3 0 11/7 11/5 11/5
1-3 Nick Mulvey 1-3 Ashely Bowling 3 0 11/3 11/7 11/6
1-5 Keith Timms 1-4 Ben Hedger 3 0 12/10 11/5 11/8
1-6 Phil Waller 1-5 JASON VARRIE 3 1 10/12 11/5 11/4 11/9
1-7 Geoff Taylor 1-6 JIMMY CETKOVSKI 0 3 11/13 9/11 7/11
View Full Details Result: 17 4


Nom Hertfordshire Nom Suffolk Result Games
1-1 Adrian Waller 1-1 Cameron Haddow 3 0 11/3 11/3 11/4
1-2 Joe Green 1-2 Nick Ramsey 3 0 11/5 11/7 11/8
1-5 Keith Timms 1-3 Billy Beecroft 3 1 9/11 11/3 11/3 11/2
1-6 Phil Waller 1-4 Steve Maitland 3 0 11/6 11/5 11/7
1-8 Neil Waller 1-5 Tom Ison 3 0 11/5 11/5 11/9
View Full Details Result: 20 1

ICC O35 Stage 2 - 14th January 2017

‘So near, yet so far-again!’ The Stage 2 ICC took place at Bishops Stortford as once again Hertfordshire were the host County, with the Men’s 035 team hoping for a place in the Finals weekend in Pontefract. Another encounter with Surrey and another loss, though this time a fairly convincing one, meant we fell at the first hurdle!

Good news at the outset: Stacey Ross is in NY, bad news: we lose our #4 Simon Evans through injury the Thursday beforehand. Never-the-less the usual combatants are at hand and with newly signed ‘youngster’ Keith Timms at #1 I feel optimistic. However, its short lived, very short lived in fact, as we lose at 5, and 3 and then 4 in quick succession, and have effectively lost before Ali at #2 and the greyhound at #1 really get going!

The quality of the Surrey lower order has caught us out and we really struggle. Newcomer Oli Latham at #5 looks promising and plays very well in patches winning a tight second game, though ultimately too many errors and first time nerves get the better of him, and he loses 4-1. However, he is young, DOB in the 80’s-which is a novelty-and will be a strong addition to the team in years to come.

James Clyne at #4, as the late replacement for Simon, starts well albeit losing a tight opening game 10-12. However, the next two games are one-way traffic. We aren’t sure what was said to the Surrey player after the opener, but he didn’t make a mistake in the 2nd and 3rd and quicker than a cross-court kill from a return of serve, we are 2 nil down.

Meanwhile, both Geoff at #3 and Ali at #2 start off well and quickly go one-up. However, this renaissance is short lived and from then on they both struggle to read their opponents game, and a number of loose shots and uncharacteristic errors mean they are both dispatched rather limply 3-1! (no offence lads!)

We are now 17-3 down and it’s looking pretty dire! Undeterred, Keith takes to the court and puts on a gritty and determined display against a slightly ‘larger’ and rather ‘shabbier’ looking Neil Frankland, and a sole victory suddenly becomes a possibility. Alas, the Surrey #1 may look like a washed up father Christmas but he still has the shots, and his almost telepathic reading of the game means the Herts man struggles to exert his superior fitness and movement. Ultimately, Keith loses in five, though I have no doubt the outcome would have been different if it weren’t a dead rubber. Result: Herts 0 v Surrey 5 (5-20). So, barring a miracle our challenge has been thwarted.


Next match up, Surrey v Kent. Having spoken to the Kent Captain beforehand we agree that second place is probably the best either County can hope for. However, the Surrey #2 can’t play this match and so their team moves up the order, and they bring in a new #5. Will this have a negative impact? It’s not evident from the outset as the new Surrey man ‘bagels’ his opponent in the first, and goes on to win 3-0 in about 9 mins! 1 nil Surrey.

However, complacency is a funny thing, whether they knew Herts were the bigger threat, and having beaten us so convincingly took their foot of the gas, who knows, but the middle order now start to struggle, and what appeared at the outset to be a ‘foregone’ conclusion now becomes a bit of an arm wrestle.

On court 1 the ‘Surrey Santa Claus’ starts off at a pace and wins the opening game 11-1. However, the Kent 3 and 4 are making it hard work for a Surrey team who look in disarray. 1-0, 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, its nail biting stuff!! J Meanwhile, back on court 1, Neil’s constant dialogue and witty banter is taking its toll on the Kent #1 who eventually succumbs 3-1. 2 nil Surrey.

Kent then take the 3rd string in 5 tight games, as does the #3, so it’s now 2-2. I can hardly contain myself, Is everyone keeping up? The Kent #2 loses a tight third game to go 2-1 down and the ‘writing is on the wall’. Or is it…. The Surrey player then experiences what can only be described in squash terms as an ’absolute shocker’, and almost forgets how to play the game, losing the 4th 11-0 and the fifth 11-4. It was sad to witness, he was last seen dribbling in the carpark talking to himself, and whether he ever plays again is debatable… L Kent, against the odds, beat Surrey 3-2. (15-12)

So, its all to play for, and with certain permutations theoretically all three Counties can now win… Well, in reality, they can’t, as those who are good with figures will already have noticed unless we beat Kent and secure a points haul of 28, Surrey are almost certain to win the group! NB: For those of limited intellect, we can’t now win, as the maximum points haul is 20, so we are playing for pride.

This match sees the arrival of yet more Stortford superstars, Fred Cook at #4 and Vince Lawrence making his debut at #5. The new boy set off like an old dray horse, rather cumbersome and possibly lame in the right leg, a bit tentative as if he has never ventured onto these home courts before, yet still managing to secure the opening game in a 19-17 marathon. Unfortunately, that really was as good as it got, as the initial exertions took their toll and his Kent opponent ran away with the next 3 games. 1 nil Kent.

However, over on court 1 we were witnessing a resurgence, whether it was the pint(s) of beer at lunch or the ‘nothing to lose’ attitude, Geoff was quite literally blowing his opponent off court. Though we did have to open the windows for a period in the second game. Wielding his racket like a wand, this northern magician was causing all sorts of problems, with his rabbit up the sleeve and pigeon under the T shirt trickery, the crowd were treated to a right old exhibition of squash I can tell thee… 3-0, and its 1 all.

Next up, the cheeky cock-er-ny, never one to take things too seriously, always playing with a light and relaxed manner, Fred Cooke. His opponent, Antonio Sloppyguisseppio, off the back of a hard fought 3-2 victory was not going down easily, and would take some licking if he was to be put back in his box, and the lid closed on him once and for all! 11-9, 9-11, 7-11, 11-7, 2-2, the match was a thing of beauty, back and forth, like two 15 stone Nureyev’s they glided around the court, displaying a style of squash that is almost unwritedownable… Fred finally stuck in the the fork winning 11-7 in the fifth, 2-1 Herts.

Meanwhile, back on court 1 a totally different form of squash was on display, as Keith ‘Running Man’ Timms was teaching his slightly lighter opponent the subtle arts of ‘retrieval’. Never keen to win 3-0, and more than happy to spend 2 or 3 hours on court, the Herts Harrier was slowly grinding out a victory, and, like the indomitable sands of time, there really was ever going to be one winner. That’s actually a disservice as every 80 or 90 shots Keith does play a drop shot…. A clinical straight sets victory. 3-1 Herts.

Finally, Ali Coker enters the fray deciding to play on the slightly warmer court 2, and hoping to deliver the ‘coup de gras’. NB/ This comment has been included for its literary impact rather than its physical accuracy, as clearly at this juncture it is impossible to lose!

Never the less, anyone who has watched Ali toil on court knows only too well that Victory and Loss are never too far apart, even when one seems a certainty! Taking the first 12-10 he then settled into some controlled and thoughtful squash before convincingly losing the second 11-6….. J A blot on the copybook as he won the next two easily, 12-10, 11-9 and gave Herts a 4-1 victory. (18-6)

So, ultimately not quite good enough, with Surrey topping the table on 32pts and Herts and Kent trailing on 23 and 21pts respectively. However, I cannot fault the desire and commitment of my team and as Captain, albeit non-playing, I must congratulate the squad in general for consistently punching well above its weight. A squad strong in depth and strengthened by the sum of its parts. “On, on, you noblest English”  See you all in October.

The timings, names and factual accuracy of this report may have been altered, embellished or refined to protect the integrity of my squad, and my lawyers have therefore assured me I cannot be held accountable for any libellous action that may be forthcoming.

Best Regards

Alastair Ambrose

ICC Mens O50 18th February 2017

A tough schedule confronted the Herts team on arrival at Beaconsfield with consecutive matches versus Bucks at 11am followed by multiple winners Surrey at 2pm. Bucks were dispatched seemingly convincingly 5-0, but 4th string Gehan Fernando and 5th string Steve Lloyd were both taken to 5 games.

With little time between matches, Steve went down 3/0 at 5 against the Surrey captain, Mike Stewart,  and Gehan lost a tight 3/1 at 4, putting Herts 2 down. While these matches were continuing, Gary Raw managed to close out a high quality 3/2 victory against Richard Middleton, maintaining his composure in an 11/8 fifth game. 

Eamonn Price then overcame his fellow England player Marc Aldridge in 4 closely fought games, which left Las Fernando to take the court for the deciding match. Playing fast, accurate and aggressive squash, Las sealed victory over Surrey by 3/2 with a 3/0 win over Nigel Stiles, and thereby secured a place at the Finals weekend in Pontefract.

Nom Hertfordshire Nom Buckinghamshire Result Games
1-1 Eamonn Price 1-3 Mark Treadwell 3 0 12/10 11/4 11/6
1-2 Las Fernando 1-4 Stewart Hefferman 3 0 11/4 11/7 11/9
1-5 Gary Raw 1-5 Simon Miller 3 1 11/5 11/7 9/11 11/4
1-6 Gehan Fernando 1-8 Rory Fisher 3 2 11/9 8/11 9/11 11/8 11/3
1-8 Steve Lloyd 1-7 Nic Manley 3 2 11/6 11/9 10/12 9/11 11/7
View Full Details Result: 20 5


Nom Hertfordshire Nom Surrey Result Games
1-1 Eamonn Price 1-1 Marc Aldridge 3 1 9/11 11/8 11/9 11/9
1-2 Las Fernando 1-2 Nigel Stiles 3 0 11/6 11/7 11/8
1-5 Gary Raw 1-3 Richard Middleton 3 2 7/11 11/9 11/9 3/11 11/8
1-6 Gehan Fernando 1-4 Matthew Parker 1 3 9/11 8/11 11/8 4/11
1-8 Steve Lloyd 1-5 Mike Stewart 0 3 5/11 5/11 7/11
View Full Details Result: 15 9

ICC Mens O50 Finals 4/5 March 2017

Herts Mens Over 50s Win National Title


The Herts squad made the journey up the M1 to the illustrious Pontefract Squash Club to compete once again for the National Title after a number of recent near misses.

Avon provided the semi final opposition and Herts went 3-0 up with convincing victories from Gary Raw, Steve Lloyd and Gehan Fernando. With a place in the final assured, Eamonn Price and Las Fernando completed a 5-0 victory with hard-fought 3/1 wins.

In the other semi final Surrey overcame Yorkshire 4-1, leaving Herts to play a Surrey side which had destroyed our hopes in a number of previous finals weekends. Despite Herts beating Surrey in the qualifying weekend, Surrey had made it through as best runner up rather frustratingly!

An overnight stay in a budget hotel awaited (even for Pontefract and including complimentary toenails on the floor) after a couple of drinks watching the Hayes/Bellew fight. 

Sunday’s 1pm final was opened by Steve Lloyd at 5, who overcame Paul Ekins in 3 close games. Following an early morning drive up, Andy Eilfield had come in at 3. Despite a recent injury layoff, Andy just managed to hold on winning 11/9 in the fifth against Surrey Captain, Mike Stewart, although no one was quite sure how! Gary Raw then gave Herts an unassailable 3-0 match lead with a convincing 3/0 victory over multiple England International, Chris Harland. Eamonn Price then repeated his previous victory in qualifying over England teammate Marc Aldridge in 3 tough games and Las Fernando maintained his unbeaten record with a 3/1 victory over Cliff Martindale.

After a number of recent near misses for the squad, this win represented a great achievement to finally become National Over 50 Intercounty Champions. 

Congratulations to all of the squad, including Mike Richards and Martin White who played an invaluable role in earlier rounds and were important squad members.


Ladies 1st Team Region 4 Stage 1 - 5th November 2016

The ladies team travelled to Chichester to play in the Stage 1 of the Inter County.  A new system has now been introduced with counties being grouped in Regions.

Without juniors Grace Gear, Amber Marshall and Nyah Williams, it was left to the regular members of the team to fight for Hertfordshire.

Our first match against Sussex was tough with both Isobel and Maureen losing their matches 3-0.  Next on was Brogan, coming back into the team after a break and keen to play well.   Brogan played well and beat a tough opponent 3-1.  Louisa went on against a very talented 17 year old and did not get a look in unfortunatley losing 3-0.  Last on court was Cathy, who played a great game against a tough opponent just running out of steam in the fourth game, losing 3-1.  A loss of 4-1 to Herts.

In the next game Hert were up against Surrey II a team made up of younger players.  Brogan and Maureen went on first both winning their matches comfortably 3-0.  Next on court was Isobel and Louisa who both had chances to win earlier but ended up winning 3-2.  Last on court Cathy who secured a 5-0 victory for Herts beating her opponent 3-0.

Nom Hertfordshire Nom Sussex Result Games
1-1 Louisa Dalwood 1-1 Jasmine Hutton 0 3 0/11 2/11 2/11
1-2 Cathy Abernethy 1-2 Hannah Wright-Davies 1 3 6/11 11/9 7/11 6/11
1-3 Brogan Lane 1-3 Zoe Shardlow 3 1 11/7 11/8 2/11 11/3
1-4 Isobel Smith 1-4 Katie Hanley 0 3 9/11 8/11 8/11
1-5 Maureen Morrison 1-5 Kelly Eastment 0 3 8/11 4/11 6/11
Result: 4 18


Nom Hertfordshire Nom Surrey 2 Result Games
1-1 Louisa Dalwood 2-1 Isabelle Tweedle 3 2 11/8 9/11 11/3 7/11 11/7
1-2 Cathy Abernethy 2-2 Claire Wright 3 0 11/6 11/3 11/5
1-3 Brogan Lane 2-3 Natalia Page 3 0 11/6 11/3 11/2
1-4 Isobel Smith 2-4 Lilly Pinggera 3 2 9/11 11/6 7/11 11/6 11/9
1-5 Maureen Morrison 2-5 Helen Fowler 3 0 11/4 11/8 11/5
Result: 20 4

Ladies O40 Stage 1 & Stage 2 & Finals

Stage I 16th October 2016

England Squash have changed the format of County Matches so now the leagues are regionalised.  The Herts ladies O40 team of Louisa Dalwood, Libby Montgomery, Isobel Smith, Maureen Morrison and Sheila Blake, travelled to Club Kingswood in Basildon to play their first two matches.

First match was against the hosts Essex.   Isobel and Sheila getting the team off to a good start winning both their matches comfortably, then Maureen and Louisa’s turn to win their matches also.   Libby was last on court and had a great battle with the Essex No.2 but came out on top winning 3-1 and the team winning 5-0 –The match was over fairly quickly as England Squash have also changed the scoring from the HiHo scoring to 9 to PAR 11!   Therefore time for coffee and biscuits before our next match against Surrey.

Surrey a much stronger county, Herts had to be on their toes right from the off with the new PAR 11 scoring.  Isobel and Sheila on first again.    Sheila started well levelling the match against Helen Dredge at 1-1 but couldn’t quite keep up the momentum losing 3-1.  Isobel also played well, but could not get past her steady opponent, Vicky Strange,  losing 3-0.  Maureen  and Louisa then went on court.  Maureen played some great, steady squash securing a victory for Herts winning 3-0 against Cath Monday,  but unfortunately Louisa’s opponent, Shayne Baillie, was too strong, and although Louisa had her chances in the third game, lost 3-0, not through lack of effort though. Last on again was Libby who narrowly lost out on winning the first game and eventually succumbed losing to Isabelle Tweedle 3-0.


Essex Herts
Jackie Gregory Louisa Dalwood 0-3 8/11 6/11 2/11
Michelle Higgins Libby Montgomery 1-3 12/10 14/16 7/11 8/11
Dawn White Isobel Smith 0-3 7/11 4/11 2/11
Elaine Chubb Maureen Morrison 0-3 2/11 6/11 6/11
Kerry Munn Sheila Blake 0-3 1/11 7/11 2/11


Herts Surrey
Louisa Dalwood Shayne Baillie 0-3 4/11 6/11 8/11
Libby Montgomery Isabelle Tweedle 0-3 10/12 4/11 5/11
Isobel Smith Vicky Strange 0-3 7/11 9/11 7/11
Maureen Morrison Cath Monday 3-0 16/14 11/6 11/7
Sheila Blake Helen Dredge 1-3 3/11 11/7 5/11 5/11



Well done ladies, lets see what happens in 2017!

Isobel Smith

Stage 2 – 16th January 2017

The ladies O40 team of Louisa Dalwood, Maureen Morrison, Isobel Smith, Sheila Blake and Laura Taylor travelled to Bucks for their Stage II matches.   They travelled to Chesham Bois Squash Club and their first match against Bucks started at 9.30 a.m. due to other events happening at the club.  Bit of a shock to the system playing so early!!

Anyway first on court were Louisa at No.1 and Laura at No.5.     Laura played well and won her match 3-0.  Louisa had a tough game against Sam Mueller, which see-sawed up and down with Louisa finally coming out the winner in the fifth, great game.   Sheila then went on to win 3-0 as did Maureen and Isobel both winning 3-0.  So a 5-0 win to Herts.

Following a short break with some very nice homemade food provided by Mary at the Club it was the tough match against Surrey, who had beaten Herts 5-0 in Stage 1, could Herts turn things around??

Isobel and Laura went on first, Laura managed to get a game but lost 3-1 in a close match. Isobel couldn’t get past the accuracy of her player losing 3-0.   Next on court was Sheila and Louisa.   Sheila up against another tough opponent could not get into the game and lost 3-0.  Louisa was up against tough opponent who beat her 3-1 in Stage I.  Another gripping game to watch, with Louisa in touching distance of winning but unfortunately could not quite get those last few points losing 11-8 in the fifth.  Maureen was last on and also lost 3-0.  Unfortunately a 5-0 loss to Herts.

However, the team have qualified as best runner’s up and so will go to the National Finals on 11th March in Nottingham.

A great performance, we have a strong squad of ladies and hopefully next year when England Squash have sorted out the new system.

Full results below:

Buckinghamshire Hertfordshire Result Games
Sam Mueller Louisa Dalwood 2 3 11/9 9/11 11/3 5/11 7/11
Fleur Drumer Maureen Morrison 0 3 5/11 3/11 10/12
Chris Sear Isobel Smith 0 3 7/11 5/11 9/11
Juliet O’Toole Sheila Blake 2 3 7/11 8/11 13/11 14/12 2/11
Lily Drake Laura Taylor 0 3 4/11 9/11 3/11
Hertfordshire Surrey 1 Result Games
Louisa Dalwood Shayne Baillie 2 3 8/11 11/3 7/11 11/7 8/11
Maureen Morrison Isabelle Tweedle 0 3 6/11 6/11 3/11
Isobel Smith Vicky Strange 0 3 7/11 8/11 5/11
Sheila Blake Sarah Davis 0 3 0/11 2/11 4/11
Laura Taylor Helen Dredge 1 3 11/8 7/11 6/11 8/11
Buckinghamshire Surrey 1 Result Games
Sam Mueller Shayne Baillie 0 3 3/11 1/11 8/11
Gill Worgan Isabelle Tweedle 0 3 4/11 1/11 5/11
Fleur Drumer Vicky Strange 0 3 5/11 9/11 6/11
Juliet O’Toole Helen Dredge 1 3 4/11 5/11 11/7 5/11
Chris Sear Sarah Davis 0 3 2/11 1/11 3/11
  Group X   P W L D F A Pen Total
1 Surrey 1 2 2 0 0 40 4 0 40
2 Hertfordshire 2 1 1 0 23 24 0 23
3 Buckinghamshire HOST 2 0 2 0 5 40 0 5

Congratulations to the Ladies O40 team for making it to the National Finals this weekend in Nottingham.   The team of Louisa Dalwood, Libby Montgomery, Maureen Morrison, Isobel Smith, Sheila Blake and Laura Taylor qualified as best runners up to make up the four teams at the final with Kent, Surrey and Yorkshire.

The team made their way to Nottingham, without Libby who unfortunately has been out injured for some time now.   Our semi final match was against Kent, a very strong team but we were all feeling positive about the match.   First on were Isobel and Laura.  Isobel up against Candy Wilton, who she had played on numerous occasions, and although she had her chances and played well, lost 3-0.  Laura also had her chances but lost her game 3-0.  Then it was Louisa and Sheila on court.  Louisa up against the new National Champion Keeley Johnson who was on a mission and beat Louisa 3-0.  Sheila played well against Karen Hulme considering she had been out with injury for many weeks and also just come back from Australia!  Sheila managed to get a game but lost 3-1 in the end.   Then all down to Maureen to salvage something from the match against Catherine Ruffle.  Maureen did her best but couldn’t get past the Kent No.2 losing 3-0.   So with a loss of 5-0 we were playing for 3rd/4th place on Sunday.

Following an enjoyable evening and a very strange end to the evening at our hotel, aptly described by Louisa as ‘Faulty Towers’, no drink behind the bar, a very strange host and being woken at 3 a.m. by revellers coming back from a night out we could hardly say we were prepared for the 10 a.m. match against Yorkshire!.

However, we started our match well, Isobel went on to beat her opponent 3-0.  Laura, was so close to winning but just lost 11-7 in the fifth, but great effort.  Next on court was Louisa who, after a nervous start,  beat her opponent 3-1.   Sheila had another great performance but just didn’t have the match fitness to clinch her match, losing 11-6 in fifth.  So it was all on the shoulders of Maureen at No.2  to win the match for Hertfordshire. Maureen, after a slow start got into the match and it seemed like she was getting stronger and stronger, however her opponent upped her game again and came out the winner beating Maureen 3-1.

Therefore Herts came fourth in the final placings.   Great performances by all to get to the finals in the first place and all players a credit to Hertfordshire.

Well done ladies !

Herts v Kent

Nom Home Player Nom Away Player Result Games
1-1 Louisa Dalwood 1-1 Keeley Johnson 0 3 5/11 6/11 3/11
1-2 Maureen Morrison 1-3 Catherine Ruffle 0 3 4/11 5/11 13/15
1-3 Isobel Smith 1-4 Candy Wilton 0 3 9/11 4/11 4/11
1-4 Sheila Blake 1-5 Karen Hume 1 3 9/11 11/3 3/11 8/11
1-5 Laura Taylor 1-6 Angie White 0 3 9/11 12/14 9/11



Date: 1pm;  25th March 2017
Teams: Cambridgeshire, Durham & Cleveland, Gloucestershire & Hertfordshire

HERTFORDSHIRE MENS O45s TEAM NATIONAL RUNNERS-UP….and they couldn’t have possibly got any closer to winning it!  3 weekends of great County squash culminating in a Finals weekend at the famous Pontefract Squash Club with the Nation’s four strongest counties competing for the title. This competition has been the nemesis in recent years to this strong generation of players and this time they came agonisingly close to being champions and it just wasn’t to be…

The first two stages saw Herts. comfortably see off all South East and Central rivals (Surrey, Middlesex, Bucks., Beds., Kent, Essex) to go through as one of four Region winners to the Finals weekend.  Drawn against a very strong Cambridgeshire side in the Semi-Finals, the Herts. team knew they had to beat the two strongest county sides to win. Cambridgeshire had former pro player Danny Meddings and International Masters player Nick Brown at the top of the order so Herts strength in depth needed to count.  Las Fernando and Peter Newman went on first and both continued their 100% winning record in this year’s competition to put Herts. 2 strings up.  However, Eamonn Price the third of the trio of unbeaten players in the previous stages then went down in a hard-fought match 3-1 to Danny Meddings and Fred Cooke lost to a very competent Nick Brown to level proceedings.  Form suggested Gary Raw should win the decider for Herts. but it seemed like Gary was having one of those days where nothing was going right.  The first game was lost quickly; he then managed to squeeze the second game, but lost the third game 11-4.  Fortunately, from the fourth game onwards Gary found his touch and rhythm and took the next two games 11-3 to seal the tie and match for Herts.

SEMI-FINALS: HERTFORDSHIRE beat CAMBRIDGESHIRE by 3 strings to 2 Durham & Cleveland beat Gloucestershire by 5 strings to 0
String Cambridgeshire String Hertfordshire Result Games
1 Danny Meddings 1 Eamonn Price 3 1 9/11 11/8 11/4 11/7
2 Nick Brown 2 Fred Cooke 3 0 11/7 11/4 11/8
3 Vinod Duraikan 3 Las Fernando 0 3 2/11 7/11 7/11
4 Andy Whitham 4 Gary Raw 2 3 11/4 9/11 11/4 3/11 3/11
5 Ian Gould 5 Peter Newman 0 3 1/11 9/11 10/12

And so Herts. Mens O45 were through to the Final of the Finals Group….   Now there are 3-2 match results, close 3-2 match results and then there is this match.  Two of our strings were lost 11-9 in the fifth game, 11 of all 22 games went down to a margin of 2 points.  And if only the outcome were to be determined by points…Herts would have edged it by taking 51% of the gruelling 420 plus rallies in a match that lasted 3 and a half hours! Herts. got off to a good start with Peter Newman winning 3-1 in the first match against Durham & Cleveland’s Darren Nalton.  Then Las Fernando and Gary Raw went on and both matches were very tight and both went to 5 games.  However, whilst Gary dominated and won the deciding game clearly 11-6, Las was extremely unlucky to just be edged out 11-9 in the fifth!  The opposition’s last two were extremely strong and Herts.’ Fred Cooke put up considerable resistance against 2014 British National Champion Andy Cross, but did not have enough to cause an upset.  And so the match and National O45 County Team Title all came down to Herts.’ Eamonn Price (British Closed Winner O45 in 2010, 2011 and O50 in 2014) against Yawar Abbas (2013 & 2015 British National O45 Champion).  Ironically, they had never played before.  Yawar perhaps had the better recent form and plays in a younger age group, but Eamonn has been steadily improving following injury setbacks and cannot ever be ruled out.  It was of course another five setter, but this time every one of the five gruelling games was decided with just a two point margin, every rally was squash of the highest quality and every point was gruelling and edge of the seat stuff.  Both players were pushing through personal barriers in an exhilarating and exhausting 90 minute match for their Counties and Team mates.  At 9-9 in the 5th it truly could have gone either way, a decision could have gone a different way, but ultimately the luck, game, tie and match was not for Herts.  A supreme effort by all however, and National Runners-up medals is something to be very proud of and more than deserved!

FINAL: HERTFORDSHIRE lose to DURHAM & CLEVELAND by 3 strings to 2 

String Home Player String Away Player Result Games
1 Yawar Abbas 1 Eamonn Price 3 2 12/10 11/9 9/11 11/13 11/9 
2 Andy Cross 2 Fred Cooke 3 0 11/9 11/7 11/6 
3 Tim Clark 3 Las Fernando 3 2 4/11 12/10 11/8 9/11 11/9 
4 Peter Lonsdale 4 Gary Raw 2 3 11/8 6/11 6/11 12/10 6/11 
5 Darren Nalton 5 Peter Newman 1 3 5/11 2/11 11/8 12/14 

Thanks to all the players who represented the County so valiantly this weekend and the three players (Andy Eilfield, Marvin Rust and Tim Bloomer) who played in the earlier stages but had to withdraw from the Finals squad because of holidays and illness.  We took just the 5 remaining players to the Finals and there were no “extra participants” to share the physical effort.   We did have a “Kit Man” but he turned out to be more adept at hiding than providing the kit!  We were also fortunate enough to have the Herts Ladies O50 Team who came Third playing at the venue in their National Finals competition.  Both Herts. teams watched, supported and helped each other with great camaraderie.  A joint meal was also organised for the Saturday evening and all were great company; Las divulged many culturally diverse stories to entertain and Eamonn provided food for thought by explaining to all an intellectual dilemma.  Many laughs were had and just a few drinks too.  Well done to all and Herts Squash for their support!

Peter Newman Herts. O45 Captain

Mens O45 Stage 1

Herts. Mens O45 team put in a near faultless display against their two local rivals to win the Stage 1 Regional Group.  Hosting at Radeltt, Herts. were on first and last in the schedule.  Herts. played Beds. in the morning and dropped just two games in the 5-0 win.  Bucks. then played Beds and also notched up a comprehensive 4-1 win to set up a Group deciding match against Herts.  Herts. fielded the same side as in the morning of Eamonn Price, Las Fernando, Marvin Rust, Andy Eilfield and Peter Newman.  Marvin and Peter were first on.  Peter quickly dispatched Bucks’ Rory Fisher 11-4, 11-2, 11-4 to get Herts. off to a good start.  Meanwhile Marvin was involved in a long tussle with Bucks’ Simon Miller but took the 5th game comfortably 11-3 to put Herts. 2-0 up.  Next however, Andy Eilfield quickly settled the tie beating Iain Digby 3-0.  Finally, Eamonn and Las both had tough but deserved 3-2 wins against Phil Yerby and Darren Withey respectively to complete the 5-0 win for Herts.  Maximum points taken therefore and safely through to Stage 2 on February 3rd as Group Winners!



  Group A   P W L D F A Pen Total
1 Hertfordshire HOST 2 2 0 0 40 8 0 40
2 Buckinghamshire 2 1 1 0 25 24 0 25
3 Bedfordshire 2 0 2 0 6 39 0 6
Nom Hertfordshire Nom Bedfordshire Result Games
1-1 Eamonn Price 1-1 Nick Lavery 3 0 11/8 11/4 11/7
1-2 Las Fernando 1-2 Bruce St Leger 3 1 11/5 11/2 6/11 11/6
1-3 Marvin Rust 1-3 Richard Carr 3 0 11/7 11/2 11/5
1-4 Andy Eilfield 1-5 Ian Thomas 3 0 11/4 11/7 11/2
1-8 Peter Newman 1-6 Julian Cooper 3 1 11/3 11/2 5/11 11/7
View Full Details Result: 20 2


Nom Hertfordshire Nom Buckinghamshire Result Games
1-1 Eamonn Price 1-1 Phil Yerby 3 2 11/7 7/11 11/9 8/11 11/2
1-2 Las Fernando 1-2 Darren Withey 3 2 11/8 10/12 10/12 11/4 11/9
1-3 Marvin Rust 1-4 Simon Miller 3 2 11/6 9/11 11/5 8/11 11/3
1-4 Andy Eilfield 1-5 Iain Digby 3 0 11/5 11/3 11/8
1-8 Peter Newman 1-6 Rory Fisher 3 0 11/4 11/2 11/4
View Full Details Result: 20 6


Nom Bedfordshire Nom Buckinghamshire Result Games
1-1 Nick Lavery 1-1 Phil Yerby 3 2 11/9 9/11 5/11 11/9 11/0
1-2 Bruce St Leger 1-2 Darren Withey 0 3 7/11 12/14 3/11
1-3 Richard Carr 1-3 Simon Martin 1 3 10/12 7/11 11/9 8/11
1-4 Matthew Towers 1-4 Simon Miller 0 3 6/11 8/11 9/11
1-5 Ian Thomas 1-5 Iain Digby 0 3 7/11 4/11 6/11
View Full Details Result: 4 19

Ladies O50 Inter County Finals Report



Herts Ladies O50’s travelled to Pontefract with high hopes and determination to do well. In Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the championship they had come across Kent. In Stage 1 they had lost 2-1 in a close fought match but in Stage 2 Kent had strengthened their team and beat Herts 3-0.   You can imagine how the ladies felt when they found out they had to play Kent AGAIN at the finals weekend, not really a balanced tournament!


The ladies were positive though and determined to give it their best shot.   Sheila Blake was first on against Karen Hume, current World O55 champion. Sheila, who is still getting back to fitness after an ankle injury tried her hardest but could not overpower Karen and lost her match 3-0. Next on court was Maureen up against Mandy Akin, a seasoned England player. Maureen played extremely well, just losing the first game 15/10. Maureen came back strong and won the next game 15/11 and she was close again in the third losing 17/15 and then eventually losing the fourth game 15/13 and the match 3-1. This meant Kent had already won the semi final but Isobel went on wanting to do better against an opponent she had struggled against in the past.   She lost a close first and second game and somehow found the will to win the third game 15/11 but her opponent was just too strong winning the fourth and the game 3-1.

Semi Final Match



Nom Home Player Nom Away Player Result Games
1-1 Mandy Akin 1-1 Maureen Morrison 3 1 15/10 11/15 17/15 15/13
1-2 Candy Wilton 1-2 Isobel Smith 3 1 15/12 15/10 11/15 15/8
1-3 Karen Hume 1-3 Sheila Blake 3 0 15/9 15/11 15/7



Yorkshire beat SE Wales in the other semi final which meant that Herts would be playing SE Wales for 3rd / 4th place on Sunday.

The ladies arrived at the club on Sunday determined to play their best.   Sheila went on first against a canny opponent and played a strong match to win 3.-0.   Next on court was Maureen who was up against an experienced player who had been National Champion and World Champion in previous years.   Maureen went two games down and it looked like it was all over, but she found her game and settled down and ended up winning a thrilling match 15/13 in the fifth.   So last on court was Isobel who wanted to make it a 3-0 victory. After a shaky start, Isobel retrieved well and won her match 3-1.   So a 3-0 win for Herts and third overall, still a great achievement.


Nom Home Player Nom Away Player Result Games
1-1 Maureen Morrison 1-1 JILL CAMPION 3 2 10/15 11/15 15/8 15/11 16/14
1-2 Isobel Smith 1-2 SIAN JOHNSON 3 1 12/15 15/12 15/13 15/13
1-3 Sheila Blake 1-3 LYNNE DAVIES 3 1 15/6 15/8 11/15 15/11
Thanks to Maureen Morrison and Sheila Blake for their great team spirit and for representing the county so well.


We were also fortunate enough to have the company of the Mens O45 Team who were runners up at the same weekend. Both Herts. teams watched, supported and helped each other with great camaraderie and a lot of laughs.  The men losing an incredibly close final on Sunday but an amazing effort, well done to them. A joint meal was also organised for the Saturday evening and all were great company.  Well done to all teams and Herts Squash for their support.


Isobel Smith Herts. O50 Captain

Ladies O50 Stage 1 & 2

The ladies O50 played at Broxbourne on Sunday.

Our first match against Surrey II went well with all three of us winning for a 3-0 victory. We knew that we had a tough match in the afternoon as Kent won O50 last year.   However they were slightly weaker on Sunday as their No.2 had broker her arm.   Sheila went on at No.3 and won her match 3-0.  Isobel went on against Mandy Akin coming back from injury and so did have a slight chance.  However the Kent No.1 gained confidence throughout the game and Isobel lost 3-0.  So it was down to Maureen to beat Kent No. 2 Karen Hume who had just won the World Masters O55.   Maureen played a fantastic game and had match ball in the fourth but agonisingly couldn’t get that one point, lost that game 18-16 and lost 15/11 in the fifth.  So close.. Herts might have another chance in the Stage 2 matches. 

Nom Hertfordshire Nom Surrey 2 Result Games
1-1 Isobel Smith 1-1 Kim Lascelles 3 0 15/7 15/4 15/5
1-2 Maureen Morrison 1-2 Sukhy Bains 3 1 13/15 15/2 15/5 15/7
1-3 Sheila Blake 1-3 Elizabeth Brown 3 0 15/10 15/9 15/10
View Full Details Result: 12 1
Nom Hertfordshire Nom Kent Result Games
1-1 Isobel Smith 1-1 Mandy Akin 0 3 13/15 10/15 7/15
1-2 Maureen Morrison 1-3 Karen Hume 2 3 15/10 16/18 15/12 14/16 11/15
1-3 Sheila Blake 1-6 Rebecca Czuczman 3 0 15/8 20/18 15/11
View Full Details Result: 5 9
Nom Surrey 2 Nom Kent Result Games
1-1 Kim Lascelles 1-1 Mandy Akin 0 3 10/15 7/15 7/15
1-2 Sukhy Bains 1-3 Karen Hume 1 3 13/15 15/12 10/15 9/15
1-3 Elizabeth Brown 1-6 Rebecca Czuczman 2 3 15/7 11/15 15/10 13/15 15/17
View Full Details Result: 3 12


Stage II Matches 5th February at Bromley

The Herts team were in Group X, meaning that the winner went through to the National playoffs.   The of Maureen Morrison, Isobel Smith and Elke Rubsam made their way to Bromley.  Elke having stepped in at the last moment as Sheila Blake was injured due to a fall from a ladder!  Hopefully not too serious and she will be back on court soon (Sheila still came and supported the team though 🙂

Our first match was against Essex, Elke going on first against Elaine Chubb and with a controlled performance won 3-0.  Next on court was Maureen playing Jackie Gregory.  Maureen stormed ahead to a 2-0 lead but Jackie game back strong and pushed Maureen all the way, with Maureen winning 15/8 in the 5th.   Isobel was last on against Lisa Tolhurst, who unfortunately pulled a muscle during the match and Isobel won easily 3-0.  So far so good.

Next match against a very strong Kent team, who Herts played in the stage 1 matches.   First on was Elke against Karen Hulme current O55 World Champion!  Elke tried her best but unfortunately was just not fit enough to push Karen, losing 3-0.   Maureen then went on against Mandy Akin another very strong player, and unfortunately could not repeat the morning performance losing 3-0.  Isobel then went on against Candy Wilson who could not do any wrong, and lost 3-0.

We will have to regroup for next year when hopefully we will not have to play the strongest team in league in the Stage 1 and 2!

Full results below.


Nom Essex Nom Hertfordshire Result Games
1-1 Jackie Gregory 1-1 Maureen Morrison 2 3 0/15 9/15 15/13 15/11 8/15
1-2 Lisa Tolhurst 1-2 Isobel Smith 0 3 6/15 4/15 8/15
1-4 Elaine Chubb 1-4 Elke Rubsam 0 3 13/15 14/16 11/15
View Full Details Result: 2 12


Nom Hertfordshire Nom Kent Result Games
1-1 Maureen Morrison 1-1 Mandy Akin 0 3 4/15 7/15 10/15
1-2 Isobel Smith 1-2 Candy Wilton 0 3 7/15 7/15 6/15
1-4 Elke Rubsam 1-3 Karen Hume 0 3 3/15 8/15 4/15
View Full Details Result: 0 12


Group X P W L D F A Pen Total
Kent HOST 2 2 0 0 24 0 0 24
Hertfordshire 2 1 1 0 12 14 0 12
Essex 2 0 2 0 2 24 0 2

ICC RacketBall - Squash 57 November 2016

The Herts o40 Squash 57 team went undefeated in the inaugural round of the intercounty masters tournament 19/11/16 held at Broxbourne Sports Club.


Hertfordshire vs Kent

Alastair Ambrose (Stortford) got Herts off to a good start vs UK Racketball stalwart Mark Banfield (Kent).  Banfield (currently ranked #7 nationally in the o50’s age group) won the first game but Ambrose re-grouped and took the next 3 games 11/9, 11/5, 13/11 putting Herts up 1-0.

In the second match of the day Adam Grilli (Broxbourne) pulled back from 0-7 down in the third game to beat Mark Steeden (Kent) 3 games to 1 putting the match out of reach for the visitors.

Geoff Taylor (Broxbourne) finished off the win for the home side with an emphatic 3-1 victory over Andy Murphy.



#1 Geoff Taylor vs Andy Murphy 3-1. 11/9, 11/9, 8/11, 11/5

#2 Adam Grilli vs Mark Steeden 3-1. 11/8, 5/11, 12/10. 11/7

#3 Alastair Ambrose vs Mark Banfield 3-1. 9/11, 11/9, 11/5, 13/11


Hertfordshire vs Buckinghamshire

In the second match of the day, Geoff Taylor was drawn against current o45’s national champion Simon Martin (Bucks).  The two full time coaches had an incredible battle but despite some unbelievable deception from Martin, the home side pro won by 3 games to 1.

A fresh legged Martin Berry (Broxbourne) was next up for Herts vs UK Racketball o50’s #6, Lee Sadler (Bucks).  Berry made short work of the visitor finishing him off 3-0 (12/10. 11/5, 11/3).

Even though a dead rubber, the last match of the day saw the two county captains go up against one another.  Excellent placement and clinical finishing saw David Evans (Bucks) see off Adam Grilli (Broxbourne).  Despite a late charge in the fourth, Evans ended the day with a 3-1 win (11/5, 11/9, 6/11, 11/7).



#1 Geoff Taylor vs Simon Martin 11/9 11/9 8/11 11/5

#2 Adam Grilli vs David Evans 5/11 9/11 11/6 7/11

#3 Martin Berry vs Lee Sadler 12/10 11/511/3


All of the weekends results are available on the County Masters Website –


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