Match Report Tring Vets v West Herts Vets w/c 25.10.10


Tring Vets v West Herts Vets
Middlesex Vets Div 2

The Tring “all blacks” team really looked the part sporting their all new kit sponsored generously by Beechwood Fine Foods of Tring.

Mark Bullard kicked off this match at a strong pace but soon fell behind in some hard hitting rallies. Two games down but still keeping up the pressure it looked like West Herts was tiring but despite a spirited effort Tring lost their first game 0-3. Anthony Palmer was drawn against a West Herts player on form hitting crisp shots to a great length. Losing the first game 3-9 Anthony slowly got back into it and just lost the second 7-9 but with the momentum with Tring the third game went Anthony’s way 9-6. However West Herts rallied and took the decider 6-9 in the fourth but the game was enjoyed very much by the court top audience.

Steve Morley needed to win to keep Tring hopes alive in the match. In a game of some crisp clean hitting Steve was just pipped in the first game 7-9, and after falling 3-7 behind in the second it looked like the game might just slip away but a spirited effort saw Tring get back to 7-7 and with a last effort Steve came back to win 9-7. The third game was very close and was taken to 8-8. However Steve had his tail up and with some solid hitting held on to win 10-8. The 4th game again was close and was taken to 8-8 however Steve was keen to close out the game and pushed on take the winning game 10-8.

Geoff Wiseman’s very busy style and great fitness was too much for West Herts taking the first game 9-0. However West Herts are a very experienced team and it was 8-8 in the second a during some of the longest rallies in the game so far Geoff dug deep and took the game 10-8. The tussle continued in the 3rd but with Geoff’s unrelenting determination the game was won 9-5 and the match was drawn level at 2-2.

The final deciding game saw Andy Ashwell playing at one take on the tall experienced West Herts top player. Andy got off to a great start and was 7-1 up in the first game and looked in complete control. However Andy eventually won 9-7 and it was obvious that this game was not going to be a stroll. In the second game West Herts showed some great touch and dominance of the tee and was 0-7 up before Andy got into the game and despite a spirited effort West Herts took the second 4-9. Showing great experience West Herts took the 3rd 0-9. The final game was full of effort but too much for Tring and the game and match was won by West Herts.

Losing to West Herts 3-2 was no disgrace as this West Herts team won this division last year. So how come they were not promoted to Division 1? This is one for the league organisers to answer.

Brian Paske

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