Ladies County 1st Team Report


The ladies 1st team travelled to The Cumberland Club in Hampstead to play their three Stage 1 matches.   It was a tall order as the team were depleted without Grace Gear at No.1 and another upcoming junior Nyah Williams.

However the squad of Cathy Abernethy, Brogan Lane, Jo Preston, Isobel Smith, Sheila Blake and Caroline Danis  were enthusiastic and looking forward to the matches. They managed to get past the first obstacle of the day which was trying to find a parking space!

They played the host county first, Middlesex II, who are always very strong county.   Isobel and Caroline went on first but were unable to get a win, then it was Sheila and Cathy, again both lost their matches .  The team were hopeful when Brogan was at 2-2 against her opponent but just couldn’t get the win and so the team lost 5-0.

Going straight on from that match we then played Kent.   A very YOUNG team!   At this point Jo Preston joined the team at No.3.    Caroline had a close game but lost 3-2 and Sheila won her match 3-0.  Next on court were Jo and Cathy.   Cathy could not get past opponent losing 3-0 but Jo had a well deserved victory over a youthful opponent winning a tough game 3-2.  Therefore we lost to Kent 3-2, but it could have been different.

After a very nice lasagne, the teams got ready for their third match against Cambridgeshire who had won both their previous matches.    Caroline went on at five and lost 3-0.  Jo had another good win beating her opponent 3-1.  Isobel lost 3-1 and Cathy had a tough match losing 3-0.  Brogan went on last, saying that she felt tired but then put on a great display of squash beating her opponent 3-0.  Herts lost the match 3-2.

Thanks to all the team for being great company and great team players.   Lets hope we can do better in the Stage II matches.


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