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An interesting article appeared in New Zealand Squash on how to increase the membership in squash clubs:

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The Membership Growth and Retention Model

The Membership Growth and Retention Model

Many clubs focus on selling memberships but research shows members are declining in a number of sports. So what are the secrets of the world’s most successful sports clubs in terms of getting people to sign up and stay?

There is general acceptance that squash clubs need to look at membership differently and need to have a structured approach to how they manage it. To engage our identified squash target audiences, clubs need to offer quality tailored programmes or various ‘ways to play’ that meet the respective motivations of different participants.

A business approach to how clubs operate is more important than ever before and the more we use sound business practices, the more capable we will become. The Membership Growth and Retention Model has been designed to help clubs approach participation and membership in a systematic way, catering to the needs of all.

The result

As the number of relationships (through participation) increases… so does new-member retention.

With better new-member retention… you have more money to spend on acquisition (getting more new members).

With more compelling acquisition experiences… membership retention becomes easier.

The Membership Growth and Retention Model is great for squash clubs to follow and gives a structured step-by-step approach that can be tried, tested and improved over time. The key will be having different people take responsibility for each of the five different steps.

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